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Professional Mouse & Rat Control in Escanaba, MI & Surrounding Areas Like Marquette & Iron Mountain

Our methods are not only thorough, but safe for your pets and non-targeted animals.

Mice and rats can be a real headache in our area, but not to worry – we've developed a mouse and rat control service that will allow you to reclaim your property! Our methods are multifaceted, involving sticky traps as well as both small and large bait stations to suit the level of infestation. These tactics are perfectly safe for your pets and any non-targeted animals! Once the traps have some time to work, we'll return to check on them every once and a while to replace any full traps and keep the system rolling.

We offer this service to property owners in Escanaba, Marquette, Iron Mountain, and nearby cities in Michigan. If mice and rats are plaguing your property, let us help win the battle for you! Call us today at 906-399-1718 to schedule your service.

We'll use sticky traps and bait stations to combat the mouse and rat infestation.

Rodent trap found in Iron Mountain, MI.

To get the best results possible, our mouse and rat control tackles the issue with a multifaceted approach involving a couple of different tools. These methods include:

  • Sticky traps: Sticky traps will quite literally stop mice and rats in their tracks!
  • Small bait stations: Small bait stations are perfect for a standard infestation and allow for inconspicuous and strategic placement.
  • Large bait stations: Large bait stations stay outside and are especially needed for bigger infestations to increase the amount of bait in accordance with the active rodent population.

Our surefire methods will thin out the infestation of mice and rats invading your home or building so that they cannot repopulate and continue their takeover.

We'll also fill in voids, cracks, or entry points around your home or building that rodents may use to sneak in!

Our methods are safe for your pets and non-targeted animals.

Thanks to the smart design of our bait stations, our methods are perfectly safe for your furry family members and any non-targeted animals! All the bait will be safely enclosed inside of the station with only a very small opening, just big enough for mice and rats to squeeze through. They'll be placed strategically to reduce the chance of any kind of interaction with a pet or non-targeted animal while still having optimal targeting for mice and rats.

Our team will return periodically to check traps and replace any that are full.

House mouse found in cabinet in Escanaba, MI.

Once the traps are set, we'll give them some time to work. Our team will return periodically to check on them and replace any full traps. This helps us keep our finger on the pulse of the infestation status and gives a good picture of the current mouse and rat population we're battling. It also shows areas of more and less traffic so we can finetune our methods to be even more effective for your particular needs until your property is completely clear of these pesky rodents!

Call us today to schedule your mouse and rat control service!

Your search for the perfect ally in the war against mice and rats is over! Our team is passionate about providing high-quality service to residential, commercial, and HOA property owners in Escanaba, MI and nearby communities like Marquette and Iron Mountain. We take pride in polishing and perfecting every service we offer, molding it around the specific needs of our area to maximize effectiveness. We'll take care of your property the same way we'd care for our own at home! Call us today at 906-399-1718 to schedule our mouse and rat control!