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Interior Pest Control in & Around Escanaba, Marquette, & Iron Mountain, MI

You'll never have to worry about pests invading your home or business again.

No one likes having unwanted visitors, especially when those visitors could potentially cause harm to your loved ones and pets. Our team at Turf Badger offers an interior pest control service that will keep the inside of your home or business safe from pests. We provide this service to property owners in Escanaba, Marquette, Iron Mountain, and nearby areas in Michigan. Our interior pest control treatment process consists of treatment applications along your baseboards, under your sinks, and anywhere else insects could be hiding. Then, we will set traps and de-web your garage and basement. Finally, we will thoroughly inspect your attic and look for signs of pests activity.

What does our interior pest control treatment process look like?

We begin our interior pest control service by treating your home or business; we will apply our highly effective liquid treatment to any areas in the building that could be housing pests. One of the most common places we treat is along your baseboards because insects like to hide there as they move throughout your home or business. Areas where plumbing enters the building are also a favorite with insects, so we will spray under your kitchen and bathroom sinks as well. Insects also like to hang out behind appliances like stoves and refrigerators, which is why we will also apply our pest control treatments in those areas. If there are any other places in your home or business that pests would find favorable, especially dark and secluded areas, our team will treat them as well.

We will de-web your garage and basement and set traps.

Rodent trap placed for a home in Iron Mountain, MI.

Spiders prefer to build their webs in dark, isolated areas, which makes your garage and basement ideal environments to house these pests. When our team visits, we will thoroughly inspect your garage and basement and completely remove any spider webs we find inside. We will also place sticky traps in these areas so we can monitor insect activity.

Your garage and basement are also popular areas for mice and rats to hang out in because that's often how they enter the building in the first place. To prevent rodents from moving elsewhere in your home or business, we will place sticky traps as well as mouse traps in your garage and basement.

While this service is most popular in the winter, we offer interior pest protection all year round.

We will also thoroughly inspect your attic.

Spider crawling inside a home in Escanaba, MI.

The final step we take during our interior pest control service is an attic inspection. Because attics are common places for pests to hide out, our team will thoroughly inspect your attic to look for any signs of pest activity. If we find any, we will do whatever we need to do to ensure that the problem is taken care of, such as de-webbing, setting more traps, or applying more treatments. You can rely on our team to effectively and efficiently remove pests from your home or business.

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For 13 years, our team at Turf Badger has been proudly serving the homes and businesses in Escanaba, Marquette, Iron Mountain, and nearby cities in Michigan. Our team is full of pest control experts who are passionate about protecting your property from invasive pests. If you are interested in our interior pest control service, give us a call at 906-399-1718 to sign up today!