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Professional Lawn Care Services in Michigan & Wisconsin

Enjoy a healthy, beautiful lawn with our lawn care services!

Healthy maintained lawn after services done by Turf Badger in Appleton, WI.

A great-looking lawn doesn't just happen. It takes a lot of effort to protect your lawn and foster a lush, beautiful turf. Our lawn care services take the work out of having a beautiful lawn and treat your grass to many beneficial services such as fertilization and weed control, aeration and overseeding, grub control; and treatment of many fungus-based diseases such as brown patch, necrotic ring spot, and red thread. Call 920-634-6780 to schedule our lawn care services for your property today!


Liquid fertilizer being applied in Appleton, WI.

Our fertilization program consists of 5 treatments that are administered from spring until fall. We use a liquid fertilizer that provides your grass with quick access to vital nutrients. Our fertilizer includes both humic and fulvic acids, as well as a serving of sea kelp to improve both your soil and your grass.

Weed Control

Weed control treatment being applied against wall in backyard in Kingsford, MI.

Our weed control is paired with our fertilization service. Beginning in the spring, we treat your lawn to our post-emergent weed control during each visit to your property to remove any weeds growing in your lawn.

Our weed control targets many weeds common to our area including:

  • Clover
  • Ground Ivy
  • Crabgrass
  • And many more!


Aerator machine with cores in lawn in Escanaba, MI.

We offer both core aeration and liquid aeration. Both services are available independently, and we recommend having your lawn aerated at least once a year. We offer our liquid aeration in both the spring and fall, while our core aeration service is available only in the fall.

Aerating your lawn benefits your grass by opening up the pores in your soil, which helps promote root growth.


Overseeding a patchy spot in lawn in Escanaba, MI.

Our overseeding service is only offered in the fall when paired with our core aeration service. We use a blend of Kentucky bluegrass and fescue seeds to help thicken and fill in any bare patches on your lawn. We recommend scheduling our overseeding service for your lawn annually to keep your lawn dense and lush.

Grub Control

Grubs found in an area of dried soil in lawn in Marquette, MI.

We offer both preventative and curative grub control treatments. We offer a one-time preventative treatment that we spray throughout your lawn to prevent these pests from ever becoming a problem. If you are currently dealing with a grub infestation, we can also administer our curative treatment to eradicate the grub problem. Our other lawn care services would then be a great way to repair any damage and nurse your lawn back to health.

Brown Patch Treatment

Brown patch lawn disease in Marquette, MI.

Brown patch is a fungus-caused turf condition that appears as irregular, circular brown patches in the lawn. Our brown patch treatment targets the fungus at the root of the issue and helps prevent further damage to your lawn.

Necrotic Ring Spot Treatment

Frog eye lawn disease found in a homeowner's lawn in Iron Mountain, MI.

Necrotic ring spot, also known as frog-eye, is a lawn disease that appears as an irregularly-shaped ring or groups of rings. Many times the center of the ring still has a green color. This appearance gives this disease its name. Our necrotic ring spot treatment eradicates the fungus which causes this lawn disease.

Red Thread Treatment

Red thread lawn disease spreading throughout a lawn in Appleton, WI.

Red thread is another fungus-based lawn disease. Our red thread treatment will control the fungus causing the outbreak.

Give us a call today to schedule any of our lawn care services.

We offer a variety of lawn care services and each one is designed to keep the grass in your lawn healthy and beautiful. Our team of lawn care specialists knows what it takes to keep residential and commercial lawns healthy and can address any issues your lawn might be having. We offer these services to areas around Appleton, WI as well as areas around Escanaba, MI. Call 920-634-6780 to schedule our lawn care services for your property today!