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Professional Pest Control & Lawn Care in Iron Mountain, MI

Our services include bed bug treatments, fertilization, grub control, and more!

Iron Mountain, MI is a city that remembers its history like no other. Featuring the Cornish Pumping Engine and Mining Museum, The Menominee Range Historical Museum, and the World War II Glider and Military Museum, there's plenty to learn and see! Follow it up with a day on the slopes at the Pine Mountain Ski Jump and you'll perfectly encompass the Iron Mountain experience.

Our greatest pride at Turf Badger is being able to serve the good people of Iron Mountain, MI and nearby communities with top-notch pest control and lawn care services. We make life easier by eliminating spiders, mice, fleas, and more as well as offering services to improve lawn health like fertilization and aeration. If you're ready for an easier life with a lush lawn, call us today at 906-399-1718 to schedule!

Our pest control services can eradicate spiders, mice, fleas, and more from your property!

Perimeter pest control treatment being sprayed by a professional in Iron Mountain, MI.

To keep pests out of your property, our perimeter pest control service will treat your entire yard so no insects like ants or spiders can settle in! We can apply the same protection inside your home or office with our interior pest control, freeing your property of any pests that may be lurking in the shadows – and the attic!

Our sticky traps and bait stations will thwart rats, mice, squirrels, chipmunks, and voles, with the bait being secured safely inside the station to help prevent accidental ingestion by a non-targeted animal or pet. We can offer exclusionary protection to fill in any voids, cracks, or entry points into your property, particularly effective in keeping out the nosier rodents like squirrels, chipmunks, and mice.

For the most irritating biting pests, we've got your back. Our mosquito program involves five applications starting in May to keep them in control during the most active time of the year. Fleas and ticks will be a problem of the past for you with our program, a four-step surface control treatment to rid your property of them!

If you're battling bed bugs, tag us in! We'll eradicate them from your property, paying close attention to nooks and crannies.

Stop grubs in their tracks, rejuvenate your lawn with fertilization, and more with our lawn care services.

Infestation of grubs found in soil in Iron Mountain, MI.

Whether you're trying to eliminate grubs from your lawn or prevent them from cozying up there in the first place, we have grub control that'll work for you! We also offer a curative treatment for chinch bugs to keep them from making your lawn their next meal, taking extra care to ensure we don't miss any.

Is your lawn struggling with a disease like brown patch, red thread, or necrotic ring spot? We can help! Our curative lawn disease treatments for these ailments will eliminate the diseases and stop the spread of the infection. We'll take the legs out from under the disease and assess the damage done to the lawn so you know exactly what your lawn needs to bounce back.

To rejuvenate your lawn after a tussle with one of the above threats, or if you have a healthy lawn you want to take to the next level, look no further than our fertilization program. We'll nourish your grass with much-needed nutrients, and include weed control that keeps resource-stealing weeds out of your hair. We also offer both core and liquid aeration to reduce soil compaction in your lawn, giving your grass improved access to resources like sunlight, oxygen, water, and nutrients.

We offer overseeding with our core aeration service to fill out any bare spots in your lawn with fresh grass seed!

Call us today to schedule any of our pest control or lawn care services like aeration or mosquito control!

At Turf Badger, we understand that entrusting your lawn to someone, whether for lawn care or pest control, is a big exercise in trust. We work every day to earn that trust, making sure our team is filled with passionate professionals using the best techniques and equipment available in the industry. If you're in Iron Mountain, MI or a nearby area, we'd love the opportunity to wow you with services like aeration or mosquito control that'll be executed to perfection. Call us today at 906-399-1718 to schedule your next service!