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Professional Lawn Care & Pest Control Services for Properties in Delta County, MI

We offer fertilization, weed control, mosquito control, rat and mouse control, and more!

Delta County is in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and has a population nearing 37,000. There's something for everyone here in Delta County. Because it hugs the Little and Big Bays de Noc, nautical lovers can enjoy fishing, boating, and the beaches along the shoreline. Meanwhile, adventurists enjoy the natural beauty of the Hiawatha National Forest and the Bays de Noc Grand Island Trail.

Delta County is truly a sight to see, and at Turf Badger, we help your property here shine with our professional lawn care and pest control services. Achieving a healthy, beautiful lawn year-round just got easier with our fertilization and weed control services, while mosquitoes, rats, and mice won't stand a chance against us!

Our lawn care services will provide your lawn with everything it needs to stay healthy and beautiful.

A professional applying lawn treatment in Delta County, MI.

Your lawn is one of the first things people will notice about your property, and you can increase its curb appeal with our lawn care services! We'll provide it with everything it needs to stay healthy and beautiful with the following services:

  • Fertilization: We'll fertilize your turf five times throughout the year, in the spring, late spring, early summer, late summer, and fall. These treatments will ensure your lawn has a consistent supply of all the nutrients it needs to thrive.
  • Weed Control: Weeds like annual bluegrass, ryegrass, and black medic won't stand a chance against our pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments, which we'll apply several times throughout the year.
  • Lawn Aeration: We offer both core and liquid aeration to loosen compacted soil and improve your turf's ability to absorb nutrients.
  • Overseeding: We offer our overseeding service with core aeration and use a premium blend of Kentucky bluegrass and fescue seeds to thicken your lawn with healthy, green grass growth.
  • Lawn Disease Control: Our curative lawn disease control treatments will eliminate diseases like red thread, brown patch, frog eye, and more.
  • Grub Control: We offer preventative and curative grub control treatments to prevent a future infestation and eliminate an existing one.
  • Chinch Bug Control: Don't let chinch bugs destroy your lawn - our curative chinch bug control treatments are just what you need to eradicate the population.

Our pest control services can eliminate mosquitoes, rats, bed bugs, and more.

Mosquito biting a homeowner's hand in Delta County, MI.

Nothing's worse than having a pest problem, whether they're the flying, furry, or biting kind. Fortunately, we can eliminate pests from your property with the following pest control services:

  • Perimeter Pest Control: We'll keep pests outside where they belong with our 4-step perimeter pest control program. We'll spray three feet up the exterior wall of your home or business and three feet out. Then, we'll also treat the entire yard for an added layer of defense against spiders, ants, Asian beetles, and more.
  • Interior Pest Control: If you have an insect presence inside your property, don't worry! We'll apply our highly effective interior pest control treatments to any areas pests like to hide, including baseboards and under your kitchen and bathroom sinks.
  • Mosquito Control: We'll apply our mosquito control treatments five times from May until September/October to drastically reduce the population and repel them from your property.
  • Flea & Tick Control: Our 4-step flea and tick control program will provide consistent, overlapping protection from these pests throughout their most active season.
  • Rat & Mouse Control: We'll eliminate any entry points before using bait stations to bait mice and rats.
  • Vole Control: We use sticky traps and smaller bait stations to eliminate voles from your property.
  • Bed Bug Treatment: We'll apply our top-quality bed bug control treatments to eliminate these pests and help you sleep better at night.

We offer treatments to eliminate squirrels and chipmunks from your property!

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Whether you want to eliminate pests, achieve a healthy and beautiful lawn, or both - we're the ones to call. At Turf Badger, we offer our lawn care and pest control services to residential, commercial, and HOA property owners in Delta County, MI. Call us at 906-399-1718 to sign up for any of our services today.