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Our lawn care and pest control services are available to homes and businesses in Pittsfield, WI.

Our top-quality services include lawn fertilization, weed control, lawn aeration, mosquito control, and much more!

Pittsfield, WI is a town in Brown County located near Seymour and Suamico. It is home to over 2,800 people who enjoy the town's quiet lifestyle, tightly knit community, and thriving farms and businesses. Big cities like Green Bay and Howard are also very accessible to Pittsfield, where you can find many entertainment options.

Our team at Turf Badger provides lawn care and pest control services to homeowners and business owners in Pittsfield, WI. We offer top-quality services like lawn fertilization, weed control, lawn aeration, perimeter pest control, mosquito control, and other services that are all backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Boost Your Lawn's Health With Our Lawn Care Services

Professional applying liquid aeration treatment to lawn in Pittsfield, WI.

Our crew offers a lawn fertilization and weed control program that runs from the spring to fall to boost the health of your grass while getting rid of pesky weeds.

We can reduce soil compaction and help your lawn remain lush with our lawn aeration and overseeding lawn care services. We offer both liquid and core aeration in the spring and fall to keep the channels open for nutrients, water, air, and sunlight to reach the roots of your grass. Aeration in the fall is best followed with our overseeding service because the holes left after aerating your lawn provide the seeds with an ideal environment to grow.

We also provide a grub control service. Our preventative treatments prevent grubs from becoming a problem in the first place by targeting them before they hatch and feed on the roots of your lawn. We also offer treatments against several lawn diseases that are common in Pittsfield, like necrotic ring spot, red thread, and brown patch.

If you are dealing with an ongoing grub infestation, schedule our curative grub control treatment right away so we can stop grubs in their tracks.

We can protect your home or business in Pittsfield, WI from mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and other pests.

Squirrel peeking over a client's fence in Pittsfield, WI.

We offer our perimeter pest control service to keep pests from making their way inside of your home or business. If pests have already managed to get inside, we can get rid of them for you through our interior pest control service. Our mosquito control and flea and tick control services also provide top-notch protection for you and your loved ones against these pests.

Rodents are also a big problem for property owners in Pittsfield, WI, but don't fret! We offer a wide range of pest control treatments that target rats, mice, voles, squirrels, and chipmunks. We also provide bed bug treatments to ensure your sleeping quarters are free from these invasive pests. Our team will treat the areas on your property where bed bugs can hide, and we'll also ask you to wash your sheets and blankets in hot water to kill any bed bugs on them.

Your lawn needs protection from pests. We offer a chinch bug control service to protect your turf from the damage chinch bugs can cause.

Give us a call today to schedule any of our lawn care and pest control services.

At Turf Badger, our focus is to provide our clients with the highest quality services possible. Our team provides lawn care and pest control services for homes and businesses in Pittsfield, WI. Give us a call today at 920-634-6780 to schedule any of our lawn care and pest control services.