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Our company provides expert lawn care services in the Appleton, WI area.

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Appleton, Wisconsin is a city located just north of Lake Winnebago. With over 74,000 people calling Appleton home, there are a plethora of fun things to do and experience. With the lake close by, you can choose to have a relaxing day on the water. If you feel like walking around and getting a bite to eat, make your way downtown and check out all the locally-owned restaurants and shops! Whether you are just passing through or you're a long-time resident, there is always something to enjoy in Appleton.

If your home, business, or HOA community is located in the Appleton area, hire our crew for your lawn care needs! We offer many services and programs including aeration, pest control, lawn disease control, and fertilization.

Our Lawn Care Services Include Fertilization, Weed Control, Perimeter Pest Control, & More

Bluegrass weeds growing in a yard near Appleton, Wisconsin.

Fertilization: Keep your lawn happy and healthy year-round by enrolling in our fertilization program. We include 5 different treatments spread out throughout the calendar year to ensure that your grass gets exactly what it needs throughout the changing seasons. Throughout these treatments, we will include a dethatching service as well as an aeration service.

Weed Control: Messy weeds can ruin the clean-cut look of your landscape and, unfortunately, they keep coming back! Don't fret - our team can help. We include both pre-emergent and post-emergent treatments to ensure that your weeds not only go away but also stay away. Common weeds that we see in the Appleton, WI area include annual bluegrass, annual ryegrass, broadleaf plantain, black medic, and barnyardgrass.

Aeration: Aeration is one of the best ways to solve the issue of patchy grass. If you are experiencing bare spots on your lawn, there is a chance that your roots aren't receiving what they need to grow thick, strong grass. Open up your soil with our aeration service, giving the roots of your grass much better access to essential nutrients, water, and sunlight. We offer liquid aeration in the spring and core aeration in the fall.

Overseeding: Because the lawns throughout the Appleton area all have cool-season grass types, we use a Kentucky bluegrass/fescue blend for our overseeding service. Overseeding is the act of spreading extra seed throughout your already existing lawn. This will help fill in patchy areas, which is why we will do this service directly after we aerate your lawn. That way, your new seeds will have the best chance at making contact with your soil and germinating.

Lawn Disease: If you are seeing brown or yellowing patches of grass throughout your lawn, it could mean that your grass isn't getting enough water. However, it could also mean that your lawn is fighting off a disease. It is imperative that you get a professional opinion before you accidentally overwater your lawn! If our team does identify that your lawn is fighting off a disease, we have the options to help you get your lawn back to being the healthiest it can be.

Lawn Insects: Grubs and chinch bugs are commonly seen throughout the lawns in Appleton. Our company provides preventative and curative options to ensure that these insects don't harm your grass.

Perimeter Pest Control: If you start to notice an increase of pesky insects or bugs finding their way onto your lawn and into your home, it's time to schedule our perimeter pest control service. This service protects your home against pests like spiders, ants, and chinch bugs. You can rest easy when receiving a pest control application from our crew; we will always treat your home as if it were our own, paying great attention to the safety of your family and pets.

Flea & Tick Control: You are probably already taking action to protect your pets from fleas and ticks, so why not protect your family as well? Our flea and tick control is a program, meaning it's not just a one-and-done service. Our crew will show up to your property a few times throughout the season to continuously protect your property from fleas and ticks.

Mosquito Control: Mosquitoes are not only annoying but they are also dangerous! Signing up for our mosquito control program means getting multiple visits from our crew during mosquito season where we will spray products that deter them away from your home or business.

Lawn Care Services With a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Yup, you read that right! At Turf Badger, we guarantee your happiness with our programs and services or you will get your money back. We provide lawn care in Appleton and to the Green Bay, and Bellevue, WI areas. If your residential, commercial, or HOA property is located nearby, give our team a call at 920-634-6780 to receive a quote for any of our lawn care programs or services.